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S0L it's a Marketplace🏛️

A decentralize, permissionless marketplace build by wind core for wind Metaverse and other Metaverses.

Program address

devnet programId: 8pbdE2sZbfsYNkifQbPTHcVLNRCLnkNKLMZVHnCkQGMa

testnet programId: Bxn9FgSpM4xWuwQcAYXqGq9nq5sGNnQLeJ2HbpQKKmJR

mainnet-beta programId:

Reward allocation



V1 Core Functions: Instant buy/sale and Launchpad with base reward.

  1. Testnet open Beta May 2022
  2. Mainnet Beta June 2022

V2 Core Functions: Auction, NFT AMM bot, Solicited Offer , live chat. Reward V2.

  1. Testnet open Beta August 2022
  2. Mainnet Beta September 2022



The marketplace it's build by Wind core in 2/01/2022, the Alpha edition's main contributor are lansane, Jacheng, Zdream.