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Ego mobile🔫

  • The unique mobile multiplayer FPS experience designed to be competitive, fun and exciting. Player can earn rewards by participating in the daily winning pool or by using assets with properties of reward multiplier.

+ Overview

Features and concepts

Wallet login

Entrance V2 Login on mobile.

Free to earn

Free to play with four base heroes and able to won SOC.


A dynamic system of EGO mobile. Player needs to assemble 4 unique heroes and seamlessly switching during match to maximize their chances.


Player can equip weapon and other items for each of the hero.

Peace pool

Player can toss a coin(SOC) to the pool to generate more reward for peace behaviour.

Tyranny pool

Player can toss a coin(SOC) to the pool to generate more reward for tyrant behaviour.

Ranking of heroes

Global Ranking of individual player.

Reward multipler

different class of heroes and es items will have different reward multiplier.

Daily honey pool


  • Login reward All you need it's login to the game
  • Match reward Partcipate and get free SOC!
  • Skill reward Reward for skilled performance
  • Each day there will be a limited pool of prizes distributed to the winner.

Honor systems

An achivement systems to win badges by fullfill all kinds of conditions.

EGO League

The competitive clubs formed to won prizes.

League pool

The pool of SOC that the user pitched in to speculate on the winner of a match.

Game mode


  • Faithful imitation solo

  • Automated matchmaking. From 1 versus 1 up to 4 versus 4.

  • Faithful imitation squad

    • matchmaking with frenz. From 2 versus 2 up to 4 versus 4.

Ranking of Heroes

  • Ranking of Heroes Solo

  • Global Ranking of individual player.

  • Ranking of Heroes Squad

  • Global Ranking of team players.


  • The opposite of battle Royale: The more palyers you helped inside a realm the better.
  • Ranked constructs solo/Squad


  • The space that can be created by user to use as a private space to store their collections.

Draag'sphere décor

  • Hybrid Hybrid tier Avatars.

  • EGO Ego tier Avatars.

  • ES Properties of the avatar.

  • Weapon All classes of weapons that can be weild by heroes(ego avatars).

  • Treasure The collectible that can be earn.