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Avatar-protocol🌬 (0.1)

A conceptual iteration and implementation of metaplex NFTs standard by wind protocol.


  • Virtual beings dynamically created and stored on-chain. Meta-tier avatars will be at the heart of the Wind protocol. Meta are designed to be module and upgradable by the wind protocol.There will be no cap on the number of Meta-tiers in the foreseeable future, but they require a lot of effort and time to make hence the supply will severely depending on the design and production speed.


  • Hybrid, the best of both worlds. Avatars of hybrids enjoy Wind's AI updates, become your web companions, and will also be able to be used in Wind's other programs to produce other assets. You can travel the world with your Hybrid.


    The virtualization of desire, the existence of static and perpetual motion. What stands out about the EGO-tier avatar is not its relevance to the Wind protocol or the possibility as a network companion. It emphasizes the unique ability to interact with Es class assets, ownership of their metadata, and the ability to generate other classes of assets.


  • Combustibles created to satisfy one's instinctual desires. Note that ES series avatars will not be limited to human-based avatars, but also assets.

On-chain format

  • On-chain embedded data for Meta, Hybrid, Ego and Es are different. The data below is for reference only. Wind will update the metadata from time to time. After the V1 official version of the Nuwa oracle and Wind-AI, the avatar protocol will be integrated.

name: Avatar's name. Symvol: identifier. Currently Wind will only use WIND description: A short description. sellerfeebasispoints: A short description. image: The visualization of the avatar. animationurl: The 3D model of the avatar. externalurl: External links will only be present on properties: Properties of the avatar. category: The category of the attribute. creators: 3Ey9AeMgr3MqTQTdAyJPvX28bq4qp95xaYRJjzrZ7MFw The only official address of wind at present. If you have any questions please join our discord.