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Welcome to Wind🌬️

Wind's Mission

shape the future of web3, gaming and blockchain by developing cross-disciplinary, cross-chain decentralized applications.See our Dapps list to see our innovation in the space.

Wind's Principle

Innovative, Altruistic.

Wind wants to be the leader in the Cyber-renaissance.

Wind's Ownership

Wind is Community-owned

Wind started in the mid-2021 as a Solana Hackathon project by Jacheng and grew to a community-owned protocol with over thousands of citizens. Wind core is creating an ecosystem encompass projects of gaming,IOTS, gaming Oracles, AI. with 100% profit to its citizens.

Wind's Teams

Wind has its own core development team called 'Core'

 Architect: Jacheng-university dropouts -China 
lead dev: lansane-Alpha full-stack dev with 10+ years experience -China
lead game dev: stormforce-Alpha game dev with 10+ years experience -India
Aritistic director: Romain-Alpha French artist -France
AI specialist: Mingzhe-Chinese intern -China
lead scultptor: Yuliya-Experienced female artist -Ukraine
lead props modeller: Satriya-Alpha modeller -Indonesia
lead mesh modeller: Rayi-Alpha modeller -Indonesia

Wind has its own administration team called 'Mudeng-Lab'

 community-relations: Mingzhe

Wind has its own DAO called 'Wind-DAO'